Diwali Sweet Recipes


Here comes the Diwali Festival month, with all its immense joy and celebrations...!

Lets get prepared to enjoy the lights, crackers and sweets. Its our time to enjoy feasting on mouthwatering sweets, exchange with friends & neighbours and share our love.

Check out the Diwali Sweets & Savories recipes here.

I am glad to send my Diwali Sweet recipes to IndusLadies.com , who is compiling an e-book containing 100 sweet recipes for this Diwali.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to send our entries and I strongly believe all my foodie bloggers can send in your recipes too to

partners [at ]indusladies [dot ]com

The last date to participate is 8 th Oct 2011.

Rules to participate:

Your blog must be atleast one year old and make a blog post inviting other bloggers to do the same.


This E-book will be made available as a free download to our community’s 1.3 Lakh+ members. In addition, we will also be making this E-Book available to our 9000+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

It’s LOTS and LOTS of exposure to those food blogs entering the E-Book!! We believe this would be a nice way to get the word out about a wonderful blog to the entire membership of IndusLadies!!