Mango Recipes

Yes, Summer is here & It has brought everyone’s favorite fruit back into season – The Mango. It is popular throughout the world & known as “ food of the Gods” & “ King of Fruits ”. The fragrant sweetness, rich flavor & succulent texture of this fruit is highly seductive.

Also, this tropical fruits are rich in vitamin C and contain polyphenols that are very effective in fighting breast and colon cancers.

To test a mango for ripeness, press the ends firmly, if they yield slightly to pressure, its ready to eat. Otherwise, by keeping it in a sunny spot will turn them ripen in few days.

These Mangoes are perfect, eaten on their own, also they’re delicious in smoothies, desserts, salads, lassi, curries, shakes and salsas.

You’ll love this unique & delicious recipes to taste this sweet juicy mangoes..:)