How to Use Bacon Jam with Grilled Foods


Photo by Sanja Borković on Unsplash

How to Use Bacon Jam with Grilled Foods Have you come across Bacon Jam and wondered how to incorporate this unique condiment to your backyard grill menu? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to fire up the grill to prepare some of these great options that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

Burgers When it comes to grilling your mind immediately considers the almighty burger. With the use of bacon jam, you can elevate any plain patty to an exceptional handcrafted burger with a quick spread of jam and a few extra toppings. Try out the Hail Piggy Slider recipe for a special twist on the traditional burger. **Chicken ** Grilling meats provide your food with a certain taste that can’t be matched with any other type of appliance. Instead of the tried and true barbecue chicken on the grill, try topping your grilled chicken legs with some bacon jam instead.Spicy Bacon Wings are also a great option. While this recipe calls for them to be cooked in the oven, achieve a crispier wing by finishing them off on the grill for 2-5 minutes. Pork The addition of a quick bacon jam glaze can elevate any grilled pork dish. Simple grilled pork chops or ribs glazed with this delicious condiment with a side of macaroni and cheese and baked beans will quickly make its way onto your weekly meal plan. Seafood Don’t limit your grilling options to just meat. Salmon is another great choice for grill masters. Consider using a plank of wood for an added smokiness and once the perfect cook is accomplished, top your salmon with bacon jam for just the right mix of savory and sweet. Add a fresh green salad and rice pilaf for a perfect dish. Another suggestion for a seafood dish includes shrimp skewers marinated in bacon jam for a delicious combination. With a few roasted vegetables and fresh lemonade, your neighbors will be asking you what’s for dinner. Sides Other foods can be perfectly cooked on a grill besides meats and seafood. A grilled sweet potato, vegetables such as broccoli or freshly grown zucchini, and even fruits such as watermelon can all be delicious when grilled. Any food can be topped with bacon jam, so try out your creativity and find what sides you’ll consider a new favorite on the grill.

While all of these suggestions are tried and true, don’t limit your options. If you have a favorite grilled food try adding bacon jam for a touch more of savory and sweet. You’ll need a second jar of bacon jam in no time!