Healthy Grilling Methods


Healthy Grilling Methods You Should Try This Season

It is a perplexing subject to think that you have to change all your eating habits in order to remain healthy and physically fit. If you are a lover of grilled meat, then you know that there comes a time that you need to think about your eating habits. The most worrisome bit in this whole thing is keeping up with the latest information on what is right and what is not.

Health consicous people are always looking for delicious healthy recipes that can give them an exquisite taste and also keep them healthy. Especially, those people whose exercise level is sedentary they need to have oil-free food. For those people, air fryer lunch recipes can be perfect for trying.

Go Lean On Your Meats

Like the deliberation of choosing between gas vs. charcoal grill, the line between leaving the fat on your meat and removing it is a thin one. Ideally, the fat on meat adds to the flavor of the result after smoking. However, if you are looking to get a healthier way to get your grilling going, then you need to consider going lean on your meats. Trim off any excess fats that are visible on your meats. This will reduce fats dripping on your grill that cause flare-ups, which will also save you from the unhealthy grilling of eating charred meat. While at it, remove the skin from poultry before hitting your smoker.

Always Marinate

Marinating, to most people, seems like a way to get more flavors and seasoning on food. However, there is more to marinating than meets the eye. When you soak your meat a couple of minutes before grilling it, you reduce the formation of HCAs. The marinade forms sort of a protective layer on the meet that acts as a barrier, which is health-promoting in grilling meats. For your marinade, ensure you have: An acid – to encourage enzyme action and to tenderize meat. These can be found in juices like apple juice, lime and lemons, and also in wines and yogurts. Oil – usually for moisture. try oils like olive oils, canola, among others Herbs and spices – as per your preferences

Pro Tip: Refrigerate Any Foods You Plan To Marinate For More Than 30 Minutes. This Way, You Prevent The Formation Of Bacteria On Your Meat.

Pick The Healthier Proteins

All meat can be smoked, but not all of it is fit as a healthy grilling option. Fishes like salmon, fillets, skinless chicken and other lean poultry, are the best choices. Opt for grilling recipes like chicken kebabs, turkey burgers, mushrooms, round cuts for other meat like pork and beef.

Grill Fruits For Dessert

Fruits are always a healthier option than doing meats alone. The natural sugars in fruits caramelize amazingly in the high grill heat. Try fruits like apples, pears, and pineapples, which are great served with smoked meats.

While at it, toss in some vegetable in the heat. The best bit about grilling vegetables, other than being a healthy option, it does not form HCAs. You can grill them on their own or along with your meats. However, while possible, try to separate your meat from veggies. This way, you can set your heat and time appropriate to the food type you are grilling.

Flip Doesn’t Fork

Most people feel like using a fork to turn the meat on the grill is easier and faster. However, you stand to lose a lot of juices on your meat as you poke holes on the skin through to the meat. The juices you release from the meat may drip on your smoker, which contributes to the production of FCA which is also unhealthy. Instead, use a pair of tongs or a spatula to flip your steak a from side to side. You will also achieve the grill marks which makes your meat appear like one grilled by a pro.

Keep Your Grill Clean

Over and above, the healthiest way to grill your food is by keeping your smoker clean at all times. After cooking your food the charred bits of the food stick on the grill. If left, they encourage bacteria to grow, which is unhealthy. Instead, always clean your grill immediately after grilling, when the grill is hot.