Guide To Making Healthy Meals More Exciting

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Whole egg mayonnaise slathered generously on your meal can really make an impact to its flavour and the overall eating experience. That might sound a little bit overboard, but it isn’t. The reality is that slight changes and small additions of spices, condiments and extra touches can truly alter the taste of food for the better. Have you ever noticed that it seems that things that are bad for you are always the most delicious, whereas things that are good have almost zero appeal? A rich juicy burger may not align with your summer diet plans, but healthier alternatives can be just as healthy. Don’t believe us? Let us show you the way. Experiment With New Flavours And Spices When people decide that they are going to go on a diet or eat more healthily, they often complain about the flavourless foods that they are going to be forced to eat as a result and resign themselves to a week of salads and tuna. As a matter of fact, even the simplest things can be made several times more delicious just by dabbling with new and unfamiliar spices and herbs. For example, grilled chicken alone can get repetitive and dull if eaten frequently, however grilled chicken rubbed with Cajun spice, or Moroccan spice mix makes healthy eating a delight. There are countless options available for herbs and spices, so you could experiment something new every day and never get bored! Don’t Omit Condiments Completely When you are on a diet, it’s easy to feel completely guilty about putting even the slightest squirt of sauce or condiments on your plate. You tell yourself that celery on its own is much more healthy than celery with a side portion of whole egg mayonnaise and so you grimace, frown, groan and force yourself to eat the boring, flavourless celery by itself. That shouldn’t have to be necessary though. As long as you don’t go overboard tipping the whole jar of mayo onto your salad, a little won’t hurt you. Remember that everything is okay when done in moderation. Branch Out With Fruit And Veg As mentioned above, we often declare that we are going on a diet and then force feed ourselves the same salads comprised of lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Day in day out we eat the same thing until we feel like we are going mad. Visit your local grocer and find fresh seasonal produce in the form of fruits and vegetables you have never really given time to before. Instead of a bland salad, consider boiling some edamame beans and eating them from the bowl lightly salted, or use vegetables that you do not commonly use such as butternut squash, asparagus or shallots. Zest It Up! When you do opt for preparing salads or vegetable medleys and you don’t want to endure the calories of a traditional type of salad dressing, zest it up instead! Limes and lemons can be squeezed over fresh salads to compliment the flavours perfectly and give a fresh citrus taste that is both completely delicious and completely fat free.