Back to Blogging After a Break | My New Kitchen


Hi all, I am returning to my blog after nearly a months break. It has been a busy last 3-4 weeks…!!! Yes, we recently moved our family to Dubai City, from India. And slowly settling down in the new place.

Needless to say, we are all adjusting to our new home and loving being here in this new environment..:) Thanks so much for all your kind comments & well wishes. It has been wonderful to have so many beautiful bloggers & friends come by each week and share their very best. Thank you once again, for all your support, messages & emails..:)

I really love my New Kitchen. I love the light, soothing colors & the beautiful cooking range. And so glad to see my dream kitchen come to life and all thanks to my dear hubby :)

Yeah..I’ll get back to the kitchen and try out some yummy exciting dishes and share with you soon.

I clicked these pics with my hubby’s smart phone yesterday…here comes some of them juz for u ..:) So, I’m back from my little ‘vacation’ and I’m ready to share up some tasty & healthy recipes, so keep an eye on the site :)