Ambur Biryani


Hy Friends, I am very excited to be a guest blogger today at Wan’s Cooking Varieties. Wan is a lovely blogger friend of mine. When Wan asked me to do a Guest Post for her blog, I was extremely delighted. She is a very warm and friendly person, & I love the way she presents her recipes, with the touch of health tips & great informations relating to health conscious. I really learn a lot from her space & I enjoy visiting her colorful & creative blog . I greatly admire her for her educative posts. Hop over to Wan's space to check out the wide variety of recipes from cuisine across the world. Her recipes are not just yummy & delicious, but with detailed knowledge sharing that keeps us admire. Its my pleasure to say that my Ambur Biryani recipe was featured at her space. If you’re a non-veg lover, then this recipe is for you. Sure you’ll enjoy this super flavorful hearty meal loaded with tons of amazing spices. Go here to read my Guest Post at Wan’s …Enjoy..!

Hy Wan, Thanks for this wonderful opportunity , I’m so glad to be in your esteemed space. You are such an inspiration, doing so much all at once. Your presentation is indeed inspirational and love your posts , that are written from the heart. You’ve got a great voice that resonates throughout your blog. You make cooking feel healthy & special. I really appreciate your work…keep it up..!!

And Thank you very much for this bouquet of Meringue color Roses… So sweet of you …really love this..:) Thank you dearest friends, please share this with me at Wan’s place…! Hope you will all enjoy…have a lovely day ! UPDATED: Also you can check out the recipe here Jay