Happy Fathers Day To All Dads Out There


^^ ) Happy Father's Day To All The Dads! (^^) Today is the day of celebration and facilitation of our Dad…! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Dads for their utmost love, affection, support to their kids and all concerned. I love my Dad a lot..! Happy father's day to my lovely dad, u're the greatest dad to me!! Plz accept my gratitude on this very special day..:)

Also Happy father’s day to my loving husband..!! My Hubby is my partner in life, my best friend and loving father of our children. He’s a fabulous daddy to our two kids. Watching him with my kids makes me love him even more..!

I would love to share the delicious sweet n snack , I prepared today to celeb this lovely day…! Melt in the mouth dessert Gulab jamoon and Butter Murukku. click here to view the recipe of Gulab jamoon..! I will be posting the recipe for Butter Murukku real soooon…!