Ice Cream Recipes | Lets Relish Ice Cream - Event Announcement


Hy Buddies, Its my pleasure to announce the event “ Letz Relishh “ series after quite a time . I am thankful for your support and awesome entries in the previous events. So , here I m with my third event..! For this month, I wanted to select a theme, perfect to escape from the blaring heat of summer. Yes, its our all time craving choice , Ice Creams. Everyone of us love Ice creams !!! So, this month' s theme would be “Ice Creams “. Lets get ready to prepare our favorite ice cream flavors & tastes and keep us cool n have fun ..!!! With this event , we all can share our recipes and we will be all set with a huge collection of ultimate ice cream recipes. Show your creativity and lets enjoy this summer…! Letz Relishh Rules: · After posting ice cream recipe in your blog, make sure you link back to this announcement page. · Multiple entries are allowed. · Archived entries are allowed , if they re reposted with the link to the event. · Non bloggers can email me their recipes and picture of dish at with the subject as “ Letz Relishh - Ice creams “ · Usage of logo is mandatory , as it helps to promote the event. · Link your entries below this post or you can Email me the details of your entries to with the below details
Your name: Blog name: Recipe name Recipe Url / Link Picture of post: For archived entries, the reposted link: Last date for linking your entries will be 20 th June 2011. So, what are you waiting for….send in your sizzling recipes ..:)

Link your entries here..!!!