Vepam Poo Rasam | Neem Flower Rasam

South Indian Thali

I m very much excited to receive your warm wishes n loving feedback for my interview in Nithu’s wonderful space…! I would love to say SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL MY DEAR FRIENDS for supporting me and cheering me up …! Today, am glad to share with you an authentic Indian recipe Vepam poo Rasam. My MIL used to surprise us with unique healthy recipes, whenever we visit our native. This rasam is not only delicious also it is very nutritive…! Vepam means Neem and Poo means Flower in Tamil. Neem flowers are used in Indian cooking, coz of their extensive medicinal values. Many dishes can be prepared with Neem flowers, neem rasam is the easiest and tastiest of them all. This rasam is ideal for hot season, as it cools down the body. Usually, the neem tree blooms during the months of April and May. By this time, the flowers can be collected by spreading a cloth or paper under the tree and shaking the branches. Then, this is cleaned in running water and dried in shade. This dried neem flowers can be stored for long time, without losing their medicinal values. Health Benefits: Neem flowers are storehouse of antioxidants. It is extensively used to cure intestinal problems. Useful in the elimination of intestinal worms. And as a best antidote for improving the appetite and digestive health. Other Tips: Neem flowers can also be soaked in honey. Taking this a spoon daily, boosts our immunity. Also by soaking a handful of neem flowers in a cup of water for 4 to 5 hrs and taking this filtered water , cures stomach ache .! Here comes the easiest and tastiest Neem Rasam recipe for you…Try this recipe and let your tummy thank you…:)


Neem flowers - a bunch

Ghee - 1 tbsp

Tamarind - a small ball

Mustard - ¼ tsp

Cumin - ½ tsp

Red chilly - 1 or 2

Tomato - 1

Garlic - 5 pods

Asafetida - a pinch

Rasam pwd - ½ tbsp

Salt to taste

Curry & coriander leaves



Wash and cut neem flowers to tiny pieces.


Heat a tbsp of ghee in a small frying pan.


Roast it until it turns golden brown and Keep aside.


Now add mustard, cumin, red chilly, curry leaves and wait to crackle.


Extract the pulp of tamarind by soaking it in a cup of hot water.


Smash tomato pieces, garlic, red chilly and coriander leaves to paste.


Add this mixture to bowl, add water and mix well.


Add salt, a pinch of asafetida pwd, turmeric pwd and rasam pwd.


Stir and Boil the solution in medium flame.


Once the first bubble appears, transfer the fried neem flowers and seasonings.


Turn off the flame.


Add freshly chopped coriander leaves and cover with lid.


Now, rich aroma of Vepam poo rasam invites all to dining table.


Hot n healthy vepam poo rasam is ready.


It tastes divine, when it is served with hot ghee and white rice.