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Event Announcement & Paneer Chaat Hello Dear Friends, I would like to thank you all for the wonderful support and participation in the event “ I Love My Dad “ and made it success…! Now, Am excited to announce, the “Letz Relishh “ Series..!!! In this Series, Each month a new Theme will be taken, as we can innovate a variety of healthy new dishes and Relish..! Scroll down to view the Paneer Chaat Recipe..! For this month, I have chosen the theme as :
“ Letz Relishh – Paneer “ Hope this event, will bring the fresh n tasty Paneer dishes from all our blogger friends to light…!! As, Paneer is a favorite dish of one n all , especially Kids, I have chosen it for this month. We commonly use Paneer in curried dishes. And, It is quite easy to prepare at home also..! Lets have a quick look of its preparation method here…! To prepare Paneer · Boil 1 litlre of fresh milk · Add 1 tbsp of vinegar, lemon juice or curd and stir well. · Keep it aside. · Once the milk has curdled, wrap it in a clean muslin cloth. · Rinse with fresh water and drain well. · Form a ball and place it under a heavy sauce pan for about 30 mins. · Home made fresh paneer is ready. Tips: The paneer water we got, while preparing paneer from milk, is very nutritious. So, instead of pouring it away, can be used for making soft dough for chapattis or can be used to cook dals. Some of the prime benefits of Paneer are

  1. Paneer is a high protein food and also a good substitute of meat.
  2. It is a good source of calcium, and helps to prevent osteoporosis in later years.
  3. Also, it reduces cancer & heart attack risks.
  4. It is supposed to help in lower back & joint pain.
  5. According to Ayurveda, Paneer is healthy food & it can prevent stomach disorders. So, letz prepare a variety of dishes with Fresh n Healthy Paneer and Enjoy…!! Some guidelines for the event…
  6. You could send any recipe, but the prime ingredient should be Paneer.
  7. Can be a Veg or Non veg dish…!
  8. Multiple entries are accepted.
  9. If you have any entries already posted in your archive, please repost the link during the event duration.
  10. Link your entries to the event announcement page. Usage of Logo is mandatory..!
  11. Non bloggers can also participate, by mailing the recipe and the picture of the dish.
  12. Last date for sending your entries are 10 th September 2010. Send me an E mail to with the following details · Subject Letz Relishh – Paneer · Name · Blog Name · Recipe Name · Recipe URL · Mail ID · Picture of the dish If you have any doubts please feel free to leave a message below or send me an e mail. I will get back to you as soon as possible…:)) Lots of Love, Jay Here comes the Paneer Chaat recipe: I am sharing one of my favorite Paneer recipe here and sending this to my event..! Paneer Chat This is one of the delicious spicy Indian Chaat recipe. This light & healthy paneer chaat is very easy and quick to make, as your kids even can prepare it. ( If the ingredients are ready ..! ) This is a delicious chaat to enjoy as a snack or a great alternative to a meal….:) Try this easy & tangy recipe now…!


· Paneer - 1 cup

· Onion - 1

· Tomato - 1

· Carrot grated - ½ cup

· Beans chopped - ¼ cup

· Cumin pwd - 1 tbsp

· Chat masala pwd - 1 tbsp

· Mint leaves - 10

· Lemon juice - 1 tbsp

· Coriander leaves

· Oil to fry

· Salt to taste



1. Chop paneer to small pieces and sauté in oil.


2. Cut all the veg to fine pieces.


3. Add chopped carrot, tomato, onion, chat masala pwd, lemon juice, cumin pwd, coriander leaves in a bowl.


4. Add salt and mix well.


5. Now add paneer pieces and a tbsp of yoghurd.


6. Combine well and garnish with fresh mint leaves.


7. Yummy Paneer Chaat ready for you to giv a taste.


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