I Love My Dad - Event Announcement


“ I Love My Dad” Event Announcement Happy Father’s Day, 20 th June , 2010.

Dear Friends, On the Happy occasion of ‘Father’s Day’, ( 20 th June , 2010) , I am hosting my First Event “I Love My Dad”.

Each of us have special memories of Dad. Even though we are separated in distance after marriage, our hearts are close and praying for his good health and well being.

Dad is someone special, who wants to catch us before we fall, who wants to keep us from making mistakes.. Even though, his heart breaks in silence, when we fail, he lets us find our own way and have faith in us.
A Dad is someone, who holds us, when we cry, scolds us, when we break the rules, and smiles with pride, when we succeed…!

My Dad is very sweet and loving person. His affection towards us is endless and unselfish. He is a man of few words, but of great wisdom. His actions have always spoken louder than words. He’s always been an inspiration for me and his affection is precious gift to us.

And to celebrate this special occasion, I am hosting this event
“I Love My Dad”

Come on Friends, Show your Dad, how much he’s loved with a dish that comes straight from your heart…!

Some guidelines for the event…

  1. Cook any dish, that is most favorite of your Father, or your Father prepares to delight you…!
  2. Can be a Veg or Non-Veg dish.
  3. Multiple entries are accepted.
  4. If you have any entries already posted in your archive, please repost the link during the event duration.
  5. Link your entries to the event announcement page.
  6. Usage of logo is compulsory.
  7. Non Bloggers can also participate, just mail me the recipe and the picture of the dish.
  8. Remember to send your entries before July 15 th 2010.

Send me an email to jaaiish[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Details to be mailed: · Subject : I Love My Dad! · Name : · Location : · Recipe Name : · Recipe URL : · Picture of the dish :

Looking forward to your Heart loving Entries…!

Hugs n Smiles , Jay