Happy Father's Day Wishes


Happy Father’s Day To All Daddies out there…!!! Tomorrow, June 21, 2010 is the great day for our Dads. It will be the time for us to Thank our Loving Dad for all the support and care they provided to us. Our Dads have served as the bread winner and provider in order to bring us up to what we have become as of now. I ‘m so proud to be My Daddy’s Girl…! Dad, just wanna say You’re simply the BEST…!!! Once again, Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and Fathers out there! Thanks for all the things you’ve done to us your children…! Daddy I Love You

Daddy, I love you For all that you do. I'll kiss you and hug you 'Cause you love me, too. You feed me and need me To teach you to play, So smile 'cause I love you On this Father’s Day.

(by: Nicholas Gordon) Keep Smiling, Jay