Banana Blossom Kuttu

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Banana flower ( Vazhai Poo in Tamil ) is used as a nutritious food item in South India. It has a lot of medicinal values, like blood purification, curing menstrual disorders, constipation, stomach ulcers. Also as it is rich in fibre content, it increases the hemoglobin cell levels in our blood. I make this Kuttu atleast once in two weeks, and is an excellent side dish for spicy kuzhambu dishes , tiffin menus or simply with white steamed hot rice…Most of us think, the toughest job is to clean this flower…Absolutely not…Just pull out a strong string like structure from each bud of the flower and then chop it across into small pieces…That’s it…Your nutritious , fibre rich , healthy dish ready for you…! Enjoy the tasty recipe…


Banana flower - 1 medium sized

Toor dal - ½ cup

Moong dal - ½ cup

Tomato - 1

Onion - ½

Turmeric pwd - ¼ tsp

Oil - 2 tsp

Mustard - ¼ tsp

Cumin - ½ tsp

Asafetida - a pinch

Split urad dal - ½ tsp

Red chilly - 1

Curry leaves - handful

Salt to taste



Clean the banana flower and chop it to fine pieces.


Heat the pan, add toor dal and moong dal.


Pressure cook it for one whistle.


Now add chopped banana flowers, chopped tomato, turmeric pwd , salt and further pressure cook it for 1 whistle.


Once the pressure goes off, open the lid, smash the contents.


In a small pan, heat oil, season with mustard, cumin, asafetida, split urad dal, curry leaves, chopped onion and red chilly.


Add the seasonings, mix well.


Garnish with coconut flowers and serve hot.